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As we begin to fantasise about the new AW16 season collections, it is crucial for our wardrobes to be ready for what's about to come! Considering the current summery temperatures in England, I'm starting to get extremely excited about autumn clothes. However, at the same time my wardrobe is overflowing with items I don't need anymore, therefore it's only logical for me to get rid of them and sell them on.

1) There are various platforms on the internet where selling clothes is made extremely easy. However, firstly I'd like to introduce everyone to my newest find which is a Facebook group called 'Grand Thrift' - https://www.facebook.com/groups/168766356795528/ It is a closed group with many members, however, the owners of this page accept everyone immediately. Your clothes instantly pop up on the members Facebook pages, therefore if your pictures are good quality and if the items you are selling are nice, chances are your item of clothing will be sold. From my own experience, I find this group to be the fastest and easiest way for me to sell any unwanted items, therefore if I want to get rid of something quickly this is the place I always go to.

2) There are many apps designed to help sell your clothes, however, I find Depop to be the most effective. Depop is free to download and it is just like Instagram, except that it is purely designed to sell your items. It is extremely easy to use and with the addition of tags which are relevant to your item, it becomes very easy for other people to find what they are looking for. For this reason, it is important you label and tag your clothes accordingly to increase your chances of a successful sale. Tip: Depop takes some commission for the items you sell, therefore if possible you should arrange with your client to make the payment via Paypal.

3) This is the way we are probably most familiar with which is Ebay. I often find that my items are sold successfully on Ebay, however, more time is needed than for example the previous two options. With Ebay I also find that timing is everything. As a result, it's good to list items on Sunday evening so that the auction also ends on a Sunday evening. I find at this time people are more likely to shop and therefore bid for new bargains.

4) This implies to those who have some designer clothes they no longer want/need. In the past, I found myself in a tricky situation with a Ted Baker dress I received as a present. I googled ways to sell it and I stumbled upon the luxury resale store called Vestiaire Collective -  http://www.vestiairecollective.com/sell.shtml

So guys, let me know if you've enjoyed this post and if you have any other good ways for me to sell any unwanted clothing!

Patricia x