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Hello guys,

With the run up to Christmas, I'd like to share with you some great Christmas presents ideas for females. Whether you're a woman, struggling to find presents for your female relatives and friends, or a male struggling to find ways to spoil his girlfriend - I hope this post comes handy and gives you some ideas and inspiration. Please feel free to share with me your favourite ideas in the comments down below.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes - OMG, the vast selection of Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette colours is absolutely beautiful. If the female you're buying for is into make up (especially smoky eye),  I guarantee she will be 100% over the moon with one of the palettes from Charlotte Tilbury.

2. Tea Cup and Saucer - Everyone loves a cup of tea, so why not drink it out of something really nice? There's such a beautiful selection of Tea Cups and Saucers on the internet and in high street shops. My favourite website with the most beautiful selection of Tea Cups and Saucers is Wedgwood, check it out if you're considering buying this cute little gift for someone you love.

3. Gift cards - Although this might be so obvious, from my experience, giving out gift cards as Christmas presents (accompanied with some chocolates) proved to be extremely successful. If you want to avoid the awkwardness of not knowing whether your relative really likes your present, gift cards are your best bet! The greatest benefit of gift cards is that you know for certain that your relative will actually buy a treat for themselves that they like... because they'll be the ones choosing it! 

4. Candles, Diffusers and everything that smells GORGEOUS! - Every girl loves a great scent, so why not embrace it in your own home?! The pleasure of getting back home to a relaxing smell makes every bad mood disappear - for this reason, candles and diffusers are amazing Christmas gifts.

5) BOSS Femme Eau De Toilette - I received this very affordable fragrance from my little sister last year - and I am absolutely in love with it! Beautiful scent, stunning packaging and a very affordable price = WINNER.

Have an amazing weekend!

Patricia x 

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